News Corporation applauds FBI arrest of counterfeiter


When you think of counterfeiting, you think of someone printing phony money. How about phony coupons?

News America Marketing, a subsidiary of News Corporation, is applauding the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the US Attorney’s office in the Southern District of New York for their work in apprehending the man accused of masterminding one of the largest incidents of institutional coupon fraud in the United States.  Lucas Henderson, 22, of Lubbock, Texas, will face federal felony charges of wire fraud and trafficking in counterfeit goods and potential prison time of up to 30 years for the two charges combined.

News America, which prints newspaper inserts filled with coupons, contacted the FBI in early 2010 when some of its clients began noticing unusual redemption patterns emerging.
“The FBI executed a swift and thorough investigation and we are gratified that the accused will now be facing justice. Coupon fraud is not a victimless crime and we take it seriously in all its permutations, whether counterfeiting, the illegal acquisition of coupon inserts, or the purposeful mis-redemption of coupons,” said Chris Mixson, President, of News America Marketing. “While the vast majority of coupon users are honest citizens simply trying to stretch their budgets further, this arrest should serve as notice to the handful of those who are doing things they shouldn’t, that we will aggressively pursue any and all remedies, up to and including federal criminal prosecution, in order to bring their illicit activities to a rapid conclusion.”

In addition to the criminal charges, News America said it intends to pursue any and all civil actions against Henderson and any other parties that are revealed to be complicit in the case.