New West Virginia senator sticking with Democrats


Democrat Joe Manchin, who is moving from the West Virginia state capital to the nation’s as he changes his title from governor to senator, was subject of a blog report suggesting he’s being targeted by the Republican caucus as a switchover candidate, along with two others. Both Manchin and Republicans are saying the story has no legs.

Manchin beat out radio group owner John Raese, helping the Democratic Party maintain control of the Senate. But to do so, he often campaigned as an opponent of Democratic legislation both passed and pending.

According to reports, Republicans were trying to entice Manchin, Ben Nelson (D-NE) and Joe Lieberman (I-CT) to come and sit on their side of the aisle, bringing the chamber to 50-50 parity.

According to a Roll Call Politics report, Manchin ran as a Democrat and intends to serve as one. His intention is to find bipartisan agreement where possible and leave bipartisan bickering behind.