New SMS Text Package Launches from MJI Interactive


MJI Interactive has launched its second SMS text service. Called Lease-a-Keyword 2txt, this offering was developed specifically for stations wanting to offer text messaging-based promotional opportunities to advertisers in their markets.

Margaret Shiverick, president of MJI Interactive explained: “We learned that many stations need a relatively short-term ‘text-to-enter’ and ‘text-to-win’ type offering to include in packages to advertisers, and once they are  successful in their pitches, they don’t want to commit to a solution longer than the length of their promotion. Because there wasn’t a way to satisfy the one-off opportunity, many stations weren’t offering text promotions. So, we zeroed in on this and adapted our technology in a way we can offer short-term use of our short codes and technology to light up SMS keywords for station campaigns."

“Clusters are especially keen on this idea because they can now offer a consistent, keyword based call-to-action with one short code across their stations,” she added. “There’s no learning curve at all. We’ve gone with a 100% service-bureau approach here to make it really quick and easy for station staff.”

Lease-a-Keyword 2txt is MJI Interactive’s second SMS text offering to radio and sold for cash.  Mobile Xpress Messenger, introduced in 2004, is an SMS database marketing tool with more than 200 station affiliates.