Networks form contingency plans



With original scripted episodes set to run out by January, the broadcast networks are hard at work developing alternative programming to fill in the scheduling gaps just in case the strike is prolonged. Carat Programming took a look at some of the new reality shows in the development pipeline. Premiere dates have not been set.

Dance War: Bruno vs. Carey Ann-The choreographer judges from Dancing With the Stars coach their own dance teams through a routine each week.
Duel- This game show has contestants going "head-to-head" for the opportunity to win a big jackpot.
The Big Give- The show centers on the competition, drama and emotion as millions of dollars are given away to make a difference in people’s lives. (from Oprah Winfrey’s Harpo productions).

Million Dollar Password- A modernized take on the original. Regis Philbin will host
Do You Trust Me? – Tucker Carlson hosts. Contestants who are strangers, wager how much they trust one another.

Moment of Truth- Contestants will answer personal questions while being connected to a polygraph machine. (adapted from a Columbian game show)
When Women Rule the World-Participants are brought to a remote island where women have the opportunity to rule as they build a newly formed society.

American Gladiators-Hosted by Hulk Hogan, this show follows four women and four men as they take on contestants.
Amne$ia-In this game show contestants must answer questions from their own lives for money and prizes. Hosted by Dennis Miller.
My Dad is Better than Your Dad-Dads lead their families in fun competitions against other fathers and their families.
Clash of the Choirs-celebrities go back to their home town to establish an amateur singing group and these choirs compete live.
Baby Borrowers-Five young couples ages 16-19 must set up a home and take on various stages of parenthood.