NBC Unveils ‘Streaming Network for Cable-Cutters’


So, your audience wants to get the latest information via digital or social media, rather than a television?

NBC has an App for that — and a plan for a streaming news network.

Specifically, it is NBC News that is taking the initiative, and plans to have NBC News Signal available by mid-2019.

It will appear on NBCNews.com, and on internet TV apps, YouTube, Twitter and PlutoTV, a free bundle of online channels. Some features have already begun as it ramps up what will be a 24/7 network much like CNBC and MSNBC.

The initiative already has 13 employees and, according to NBC, “aims to provide coverage that is pitched somewhere between NBC News’ youthful daily news show ‘Stay Tuned’ on Snapchat and its TV broadcast program ‘Nightly News.’

As NBC News Group SVP/Digital Nick Ascheim sees it, Signal is meant to appeal to younger audiences who are going to OTT devices for news.

“There is a growing segment of people who have never had a cable subscription, but who are just as hungry for smart news as the prior generations of news watchers who have consumed NBC News for decades,” Ascheim said. “These consumers — who are up-to-date on the headlines but are seeking a deeper understanding of the news of the moment — are increasingly turning to OTT devices for ‘lean back’ news consumption or an on-the-go informative experience and that’s exactly what NBC News Signal will deliver.”

Serving as NBC News Signal’s evening host is Simone Boyce, who has worked in Los Angeles.  Her show will air weekdays at 7pm Eastern.

MSNBC anchors Steve Kornacki and Katy Tur will also be seen on NBC News Signal.