NAB wants to free the XM/Sirius info


The National Association of Broadcasters has taken note of admissions of wrong-doing from XM Radio Inc. and Sirius Satellite Radio Inc., and wants more information. To that end, NAB has filed with the FCC to see the details under a Freedom of Information Act.

NAB says that the FCC's Enforcement Bureau is investigating "a history of serious violations of the Commission's Part 15 rules by XM and Sirius relating to their use of FM modulators/transmitters, as well as a history of widespread violations by XM of Commission rules and authorizations regarding its terrestrial repeater network." NAB says that Sirius's intention to violate these rules is a matter of record.

Thus far, provision of the documents requested has been delayed by review requests. NAB's Dennis Wharton said, "XM and Sirius may operate above the Earth, but they are not above the law. Their continued reluctance to fully disclose key facts related to past violations is yet another example of why these two companies should not be trusted with monopoly power."