NAB Reacts To FCC ‘Special Displacement Window’ For LPTVs, Translators


The FCC has created procedures for low-power television stations (LPTVs) and translators to apply for a Special Displacement Window if they are being forced off the air by the incentive auction. This led to a response from the NAB.

In a communiqué released late Wednesday, NAB EVP/Communications Dennis Wharton said, “NAB appreciates the FCC’s expeditious action granting our request that translators and low-power television stations displaced by the incentive auction be allowed to temporarily operate on alternative channels. Today’s order is a positive step towards mitigating the incentive auction’s impact on the tens of thousands of viewers who rely on these important sources of news, entertainment and emergency weather warnings. NAB will continue working with the FCC to help affected translators and LPTVs find a permanent home on the broadcast television dial.”

Under the current rules, LPTV and translator stations operating on their current channels must shut down if they are notified that they will cause interference to new wireless operations.

While the FCC will open a limited window for displaced LPTV and translator stations to apply to operate on new channels, some stations may be forced off the air before the application window opens.

NAB submitted a letter to the FCC last month requesting the FCC allow LPTV and translator stations to apply for Special Temporary Authority to operate on alternative channels until the FCC processes displacement applications.