Motley Fool Looks Ahead 20 years


MotleyStock guru firm Motley Fool says, “We take a long-term view to investing. With that in mind, we asked seven of our analysts for their favorite stocks to hold for the next 20 years and beyond.” So, do you think any communications companies made the list?

Hint: At the bottom of MF’s article, it pitched its members-only recommendations for stocks that will benefit from the upcoming woes of the cable business.

When we looked at the article, we did not really expect to see any of the companies we follow closely, based on the simple fact that when we listen to quarterly conference calls, we routinely hear about lack of visibility into the next quarter, to say nothing of the next 20 years.

The changes in media catalyzed by the new digital age have rocked every corner of the business, making it hard to see which companies will be left standing in ten years, much less who will be thriving.

So no, there are no media businesses on the MF list – not even companies like Google or Netflix.

But since we got you to click through and read this far, here are the stocks that did get a mention, along with the name of the MF analysts that mentioned them:

Selena Maranjian: Weate Management
Dan Caplinger: MasterCard
Leo Sun: Pfizer
Matt Frankel: Toronto-Dominion Bank
Todd Campbell: Celgene Corporation
Jordan Wathen: Berkshire Hathaway
Dan Dzombak: Philip Morris