Mobile picking up steam as primary device


BIGinsightAs America transitions from desk-bound internet access to mobile access, people who relied on their desk-sited hardware are learning to use their mobile device as the exclusive tool to perform certain tasks, according to a BIGinsight study.

The number one use: checking email. According to the most current research, more than half of all mobile users now make it their exclusive tool for checking email, and several other functions are following in its wake.

Here are the top tasks in terms of mobile users that are now done only on the mobile device:
Email: 51.1%
Internet Search: 45.3%
Facebook: 42.3%
Instant Messaging: 34.4%
Online Banking: 29.6%
Online Shopping: 25.4%
Twitter: 14.8%
Pinterest: 6.9%
None of the above: 31.7%

 “With consumers opting for mobile devices instead of computers for many online activities, marketers need to hone in on their targets in the traditional as well as the mobile ad space,” said Pam Goodfellow, Consumer Insights Director at BIGinsight. “Retailers need to know which types of ads their customers are most receptive to, as some may pay more attention to mobile banner ads, sponsored stories, and videos.”

BIGinsight noted which kinds of ads break through into the user’s consciousness: “Roughly 1 in 10 say they regularly pay attention to sponsored stories or links (11.2%), ads that play before/during a video (10.0%) and video ads in general (8.8%). Banner ads (8.2%) aren’t far behind in gaining regular attention, but pop-up ads (4.5%) appear to be the least liked type of mobile solicitation.”

The study also noted that 42.9% say ads in video format have the greatest chance of breaking through.



  1. Good information. My question to the author is;

    1. Is there another portion of the study that reveals what people are doing with their phones in addition to tasks, i.e., a)listening to music, b)watching videos, c)voice, d)texting, etc.



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