MMTC withdraws cross-ownership opposition


The Minority Media and Telecommunications Council believes that media consolidation has been a contributing factor in the loss of minority broadcast licensees, and remains opposed to almost all forms of media consolidation. However, it no longer objects to relaxing the rules to allow broadcast and newspaper cross-ownership.

MMTC Executive Director David Honig told an FCC panel that the situation is so dire, and newspapers are such an important element in a healthy democracy, that the organization believes no stone should go unturned in the effort to preserve them in good health.

Honig said this represents a change in an MMTC policy position that it has advocated for years.

Although MMTC’s opposition to consolidation in general remains strong, Honig does not advocate trying to unspool that which has already gone down, just asking that there be no further deregulation.

RBR-TVBR observation: You have to give Honig a great deal of credit. Many people stake out a position on a matter like this and stick to it come hell or high water. Honig’s eyes-wide-open, realistic and flexible approach to his advocacy is refreshing in a town where such behavior is often hard to come by.