Dispatch Head Brings Beasley Board To Ten


On Tuesday (1/23), Beasley Broadcast Group‘s Board of Directors amended the radio broadcasting company’s bylaws and, in doing so, increased the size of the board from nine to ten directors.

Who is the 10th director? It is the Chairman/CEO of The Dispatch Printing Company.

Appointed to the board is Michael J. Fiorile, who will also serve on the Audit Committee of the Beasley board.

Before taking his current role at Dispatch in July 2016, Fiorile served as the company’s Vice Chairman and CEO and has had a primary leadership role since January 2005.

Fiorile also serves as Chairman/CEO of the company’s subsidiary, Dispatch Broadcast Group, which includes television and radio stations.

Fiorile will receive compensation for his service on the board in accordance with Beasley’s standard compensatory arrangement for non-employee directors.