Martin turns in his term paper


As far as we can remember, exiting denizens of the rarified atmosphere of the FCC’s 8th Floor have made a statement and let it go at that, chairs and rank and file commissioners alike. But Kevin Martin is not leaving his legacy to the same kind of chance. “Faced with such fast-paced technological changes, as Chairman, I always made decisions based on a fundamental belief that a robust, competitive marketplace, not regulation, is ultimately the greatest protector of the public interest,” he said.  “As a regulatory agency, we did have a role to serve and we stepped in when the marketplace didn’t allow for sufficient competition to a former monopoly, when the market needed to be open to new entrants and technologies, or when the larger societal goals such as ensuring the needs of public safety, fell outside the market scope.”

To see just what got done while putting this philosophy into practice click the picture below.