Martha Stewart gets animated for the 4th


Martha Stewart is not only a real host on Hallmark Channel, but she’s also an animated character – one a bit younger than her current age. Martha goes back to her childhood this holiday weekend for the premiere of a new episode of “Martha & Friends.”

The all-new episode of the half-hour animated special Martha & Friends will have its World Premiere, Saturday, July 3 (9:00 am ET/PT). The special, titled “Martha’s Fourth,” features Martha Stewart as a 10-year old, problem-solving, craft-loving, generous spirit who, along with her three best friends and two dogs, Francesca and Sharkey, show kids how easy it can be to do-it-themselves.

In Martha’s Fourth, Martha and her friends join her parents for their annual vacation at the beach.  Martha is particularly excited about the town’s fireworks event and is crushed to learn that the celebration has been cancelled this year due to lack of funding. The friends’ imaginations and creative spirits immediately snap into action and they set out to raise the money to save the celebration. Meanwhile, Francesca & Sharkey escape from the groomers, and Martha must drop everything to find her beloved friends. In the end, Martha is reunited with the dogs and the 4th of July fireworks are saved, but not as you’d expect!

Martha’s Fourth is produced by A Squared Entertainment (A2), founded by Andy Heyward and Amy Moynihan Heyward.