Marketron Digital Ad Technology Hits Key Milestone


Marketron, known for its front-office workflow software services for the broadcasting industry, says it has reached a digital advertising milestone.

How so? Marketron’s third-party digital advertising technology has now processed more than $400 million in local digital advertising revenue since the company debuted these capabilities in 2020.

The built-for-radio digital platform, Marketron NXT, is used by local media advertising sales associates, and can be integrated with various traffic systems.

This, Marketron says, allows for digital and airtime campaigns in one proposal, allowing a salesperson to produce a customer-facing proposal in short time.

This proposal can be converted to an order, and goes to the traffic system and demand-side platforms (DSPs) for execution. Performance reporting filters into a consolidated report, and billing can occur in the same traffic system that is used for the airtime billing, resulting in one invoice.

Marketron SVP/Sales and Head of Revenue Todd Kalman commented, “Digital advertising is an essential product line for radio stations. Providing them with the best technology, training, coaching and solutions ensures they can thrive in today’s local media environment. We’ve witnessed hundreds of stations launch digital with our products and quickly win the business of local advertisers. It’s effective, scalable and simple.”


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