Mancow still feuding with Brandmeier


It was no secret that Mancow Muller and Jonathan Brandmeier were not friendly (to say the least) when both were doing mornings for Emmis in Chicago – at WKQX-FM and WLUP-FM, respectively. Now that Brandmeier has also been cut loose from Emmis, as Mancow was in 2006, you might have wondered if Mancow would come to his defense. Nah!

After Robert Feder blasted Emmis on his blog for killing Brandmeier’s morning show on The Loop, lots of Chicagoans posted their comments. One of the comments (#13) came from someone identified as “Mancow.” Justin Kaufmann, the Web Editor for Chicago Public Radio, which operates the blog site, confirmed that the post was genuine.

“My old GM Marv [Nyren] would even have to admit that EVERYTHING I predicted has come to pass. Marv was from out of town and believed Johnny would have a huge comeback. I explained to Marvin that Johnny had gone to LA and thumbed his nose at Chicago and that this was actually Johnny’s third attempt at a return. Hollywood Johnny is the biggest phony I have ever had the displeasure of working with,” Mancow said. And that was the nice part of his comment. Click on to read the rest.