Manager EAS Webinar Set for Thursday


EASFEMA is holding a non-technical Webinar before its next regional EAS test.

The Webinar is set for this Thursday May 12 at 1pm Pacific/2pm Mountain/4pm Eastern.

The material is aimed at broadcast managers, program directors and emergency management personnel.

Click here to join:

FEMA IPAWS has been conducting regional testing using the new National Periodic Test (NPT) event code.

The next regional EAS test will involve television, cable and radio in California, Colorado, Idaho, Montana, North Dakota, Oregon, South Dakota, Wyoming, and Washington.

FEMA’s Integrated Public Alert & Warning System has been orchestrating regional tests in advance of the next national EAS test, slated for Sept. 28. Managers and owners should either keep abreast of EAS developments themselves or make sure their engineers do, because while some EAS participation is voluntary, it is mandatory at the national level.