Looking For an FM Translator?


Gary-CavellCavell Mertz & Associates has created a search tool to help AM owners more easily find an FM translator in their market.

The company created the tool in response to the FCC’s release of its AM revitalization order.

The search tool lists all the FM translators within 250 miles of a given AM station; with approval, 250 miles is the limit that the agency would allow a translator to move in one hop under the changes.

Go to www.fccinfo.com, enter in your AM call sign, and when your station page comes up, you will have the option to run the search.

“Our hope is that the tool will be useful for those who are considering their options… and easy to use when trying to dig for further information,” company President Gary Cavell tells RBR+TVBR.



  1. i am an am local channel owner in a small market,, with 2 fm,s id like to get a translator,, there is a frequency that was active 4 years ago,, was sold,, the present owner has never built it ,,has lied to the commission,,that it was built and is licensed and on the air,, it was never even built yet we cant get it,, i wonder how much of this goes on ??

    • There is a lot of that going on. I have first hand knowledge. I found that a translator was built and licensed near me that was literally a rack in a yard with a dipole on top and a ERP of 20 watts at 2 meters. It lasted about a month and then was taken down but the owner kept telling the Commission for several years that it was working. I took pictures wrote letters and raised all kinds of noise yet the commission never moved to make them prove it existed and then out of the blue i see it was sold and moved to a 500 foot tower at a substantial profit.. Oh Yes it does go on all the time.

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