Logitek Introduces Consoles Designed for ‘Touch Generation’


Logitek Electronic Systems and its R&D partner, Logitek Australia, have announced the Helix line of digital consoles, marking Logitek’s sixth generation of router-based digital consoles.

Featuring a multi-touch interface and available in both physical and virtual editions, Helix provides users a touch-friendly experience across consoles, screens, tablets and phones.

Physical consoles feature large physical on/off buttons combined with touch-sensitive motorized faders, allowing “eyes-free” operation; other functions such as source selection, bus assignments and macros appear on a 7” IPS touchscreen which can be fully customized.

“Helix meets the challenges of modern broadcasting, which demands efficient use of physical hardware while retaining the flexibility needed for multiple users and operational situations,” said Logitek President Tag Borland. “Glass cockpits are becoming ubiquitous throughout all industries, and users everywhere are now accustomed to touch interfaces on many devices.”

The Helix interface is built on the multi-touch technology that drives mobile phones, tablets and modern app interfaces.

“You can take Helix with you as you walk around the station, do a remote, or connect to the studio from across the country,” Borland said.

As remote users change fader positions, the motorized faders on the physical console will track the positions.

Efficiency is further expanded with fader layers, providing flexible access to more virtual faders and saving on the cost of physical faders.


Helix Surface is a large format virtual console for the 28” Microsoft Surface Studio. The Helix interface fully mirrors the experience of physical Helix consoles, allowing it to be used in a variety of workflows. Helix Surface can be deployed for second control rooms, remote locations or even as a replacement for a physical console. It presents full multi-touch capabilities on a 4500 x 3000 DPI adjustable screen.

The Helix interface also powers Logitek’s new vMix Touch, enabling it to present custom layouts across multiple devices and screen sizes. vMix Touch does not require a Windows PC or application, making it a true cross-platform multi-touch interface.

The Helix line will make its debut at NAB 2017, with Logitek representatives at booth C1322. Delivery of first orders is anticipated to occur in summer 2017.