L&L’s Leary inks up to fight cancer


Yes!WUBB-FM personality Tim Leary made the battle against breast cancer intensely personal. For $10 a pop, he used tattoo ink to become a walking billboard, inking on names and logos in excess of 530, and displaying them during the running of a half-marathon in Savannah GA.

“At the beginning of October we asked listeners for a $10 donation and a name of someone in their life who has been affected by breast cancer.” said Leary. “Last Thursday, we began to tattoo (not permanent) all the names and logos on my body. I then ran my first half marathon ever as a human billboard honoring and remembering those names.”

The cash – some $5,300 — went to Susan G. Komen. Leary spent 13 hours getting the tattoos and ran 13.1 miles to honor his end of the bargain.

“The support from the crowds was the most unreal inspiration I’ve ever experienced. Other runners were coming up to me during the race and taking they’re pic with me as we ran,” said Leary. “The most emotional part of the whole thing was this one woman who came up to me after the race, pointed to a name on my arm, and said thank you for running for my mother! I just gave her a huge hug.”

RBR-TVBR observation: We love it – in part because this is exactly the kind of local engagement that is beyond the capability of satellite and internet audio platforms. Leary works for L&L, which stands for Live and Local, and this is compelling evidence that Larry Wilson’s group practices what it preaches. Bravo!