Live and Nationwide: Three Deals Create Coast-To-Coast Production Footprint


Thanks to a trio of strategic acquisitions, all made concurrently, Live Media Group Holdings has set the stage for creating what it calls “the largest mid-level, full-service live production facilities provider and company in the broadcast and live event industry.”

With its purchases of TNDV: Television, Harb Production Services and Coastal Media Group, all three entities have been merged into LMG’s live production business portfolio.

Specifically, the three companies join Live Mobile Group.

The innovative strategy more than triples Live Mobile Group’s fleet of production and uplink trucks, and expands the company’s business and technical staff with a diverse group of live production, systems integration and event management experts.

The acquisitions give the consolidated company 18 mid-sized production hybrid units, with additional standalone smaller production uplink units.

Live Media Group Holdings will retain the staff, facilities and structure of all organizations.

Los Angeles will serve as a west coast production and truck operation, with plans to relocate its corporate operations to TNDV’s headquarters in Nashville.

The Harb Production Services facility in Knoxville will serve as a truck operations and integration facility.

Danny Harb, President of Harb Production Services, will join the expanded management team and sit on the Board of Directors of Live Media Group Holdings.

At the same time, Nic Dugger, President of TNDV: Television, will also join the management team of Live Media Group Holdings and sit on the Board of Directors.