Labor Day travel plans up the upswing


TravelAccording to TripAdvisor, a significantly greater number of Americans are planning to get out of town during the 2013 Labor Day travel period, and while overall fall travel plans are on par with last year, the percentage planning a trip is also robust.

33% are planning to hit the road or the skies during Labor Day, up from 27% in 2012. 63% will be driving and 30% flying. Visits with family and friends are the primary agenda item, for 42% of those traveling. 25% are headed for outdoors, 24% to the ocean and 20% to one of America’s cities.

In all, while there is only a 1% increase in the percentage of Americans planning a fall vacation, the percentage is an impressive 86%. 56% of these trips will be for a week or more, and 74% will involve a hotel. Those offering destination services will be seeing familiar faces, as 42% are going to places they’ve already been.

According to TripAdvisor, the top five activities are:

* View colorful fall foliage – 44%
* Go wine tasting / visit a vineyard – 29%
* Go to a food festival – 22%
* Attend a football game / collegiate homecoming – 18%
* Go to a state / county fair or fall festival – 18%