KINK morning man heads to Haiti


Alpha Broadcasting’s KINK-FM Portland morning show host Dave Scott travels to Haiti 5/3 and will report live on 5/4 as part of a campaign with World Concern to help rebuild family homes for the victims of the earthquake ravaged country.  Dave’s firsthand observations will air all day, 7am-7pm while KINK encourages listeners to donate to the rebuilding effort.  A special number has been set up for the daylong radio-thon, 1-800-800-5439 or listeners can log onto the station website and make donations online at  A donation of $35 a month for two years to the World Concern Disaster Lifeline Fund will help build a house and the goal for the day is to collect enough to build 200 homes.

“A few months have passed since that devastating earthquake and the story is no longer front page news,” commented Scott.  “The rainy season has started in Haiti and hundreds of thousands of people are still living under tarps.  I’m preparing myself to be completely heartbroken by the things I see … hopefully I will be able to convey the need and the KINK listeners will step up in a big way like they always do.”

World Concern has worked in Haiti for over 30 years, with a staff equipped to handle the challenge of disaster relief as well as long-term development.  Immediately following the earthquake, World Concern was on hand to provide food, water and medical supplies but now the focus has shifted to repairing and rebuilding homes which are earthquake resistant, solid structures with reinforced concrete walls and metal roofs.

KINK advertisers have donated their commercial time on Tuesday to this effort, allowing the DJs to spend the regular commercial breaks toward generating listener donations, either via telephone or online.  In addition to his live reports, Dave will also post a video blog online at

“This will no doubt be a life-changing experience for Dave,” said KINK PD Dennis Constantine.  “It’s one thing to see the footage on television and quite another to witness it in person.  This should also bring a renewed awareness of the horrific conditions that still exist in Haiti, along with the donations needed to repair and rebuild.”