KCRW’s “Music Mine” now on iPhone


KCRW-FMIndie/Eclectic KCRW-FM Los Angeles and KCRW.com announced the launch of its music discovery app, Music Mine for iPhone. Already available on iPad and Spotify, Music Mine for iPhone takes the magic of KCRW’s curated music selection and puts it directly into the listener’s pocket.

KCRW has long been known as a station that breaks new artists and the app brings the same spirit of discovery to users. Songs are updated daily in tandem with KCRW’s on-air playlists, which are hand picked by the station’s world-famous DJs. Music Mine was developed in partnership with the Public Radio Exchange (PRX).

“We have always imagined Music Mine would be launched on the iPhone, especially given its success on iPad and Spotify. Our goal is to make KCRW’s brand of music discovery as portable and accessible as possible, with a human touch,” says KCRW Director of Web & Mobile Development Nathan Lubeck. “It’s like having your personal KCRW DJ in your pocket.”

The app also includes full shows by DJs, video from in-studio performances from KCRW’s flagship music program Morning Becomes Eclectic and access to Eclectic24, KCRW’s all music stream.

The special format of Music Mine allows users who don’t have a lot of time to put together their own listening experience without being overwhelmed by options. Listeners who want to delve into the world of KCRW playlists, Eclectic24 and MBE in-studio live performance videos can do so, through a paired down Music Mine interface designed specifically for the iPhone.

“It’s time to dispel the traditional notions of what radio is, and start imagining what radio can be. It’s not just about tuning in anymore,” says KCRW Director of Digital Content Strategy Betsy Moyer. “KCRW is putting the power in the hands of the listener.”

RBR-TVBR observation: Well said from Moyer. Here is a terrestrial radio station that has for decades been the place for music discovery in LA. They transitioned that magic online very successfully. Radio broadcasters can do the same in any market if they focus on hand-picked music, rather than relying so much on the same 100-400 songs that everyone else is playing. Each radio station is a local  brand and that brand can be expanded pretty dramatically online and with apps.