KCET sets programming for its new independent life


Fast approaching is January 1st, when KCET-TV Los Angeles splits from PBS and becomes the nation’s largest independent public television station. So, how will the station fill its schedule?

KCET says it will premiere a new on-air look as well as a new schedule on January 1st.  The schedule has been organized into themed viewing blocks to make it easier for the audience to find their favorite genres and shows.
“As the communications universe embraces new forms of media and content, our goal is to be one of its new voices. We intend to collaborate with the talented and diverse creative voices here in Southern California, in addition to acquiring programming in the genres our viewers have come to enjoy over the years,” said Mary Mazur, KCET Executive Vice President and Chief Content Officer. “
“Since we are part of the community, we know the issues facing our region, and we will help inform and motivate our viewers to cope with those challenges with the information they need through hard-hitting reporting. KCET’s new schedule also reflects our commitment to provide a mix of programming designed to enlighten and entertain,” she added.

Here is the lineup being implemented next month:
Sunday is Hollywood Movie Night. We begin the evening with First Works, which features an insider’s look at how legendary directors approach their craft. Then we move onto Roger Ebert Presents At the Movies, a guide to which films get the “thumbs up.” We anchor the evening with KCET Presents, a collection of some of Hollywood’s best motion pictures without commercial interruption, including popular blockbusters and time-honored classics such as The Color Purple, Dances with Wolves and It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World.
Monday is Action and Travel Adventure Night. First the action-packed drama series MI5 takes viewers into the world of British secret service agents. Next, world-traveling hosts who “live like the locals do” explore unforgettable destinations in Globe Trekker. Then Rick Steves’ Europe explores countries overseas, followed by Burt Wolf: Travels  & Traditions, which introduces local customs from all around the world.
Tuesday is Science and Innovation Night.  Discover the Nature of Things with David Suzuki, which features segments on rare wildlife, plus cutting-edge science and technology. Immediately following, KCET presents an evening of documentaries that explore a range of thought-provoking topics and current events.
Wednesday is Drama Night. At 8:00 p.m., Robert Vaughn stars in Hustle, about a grifter who works with a team of con artists with a conscience in England. Then Helen Mirren stars in Prime Suspect as the tenacious, difficult and brilliant Jane Tennison, a no-nonsense British detective for Scotland Yard. Next, The Write Environment features local filmmaker Jeffrey Berman as host of one-on-one interviews with prolific screenwriters.
Thursday is an eclectic night featuring the weekly premiere of SoCal Connected. The evening begins with Doc Martin, the British comedic drama that makes the rounds with Dr. Martin Ellingham, a celebrated surgeon with a blood phobia and tactless manner. Each week SoCal Connected presents hard-hitting reports on everything from the economy to the environment. Then KCET soars with The Aviators, which looks at the latest advances in aircraft and aviation technology.
Friday is all the news you need.  The McLaughlin Group begins the evening with a lively discussion from across the political spectrum. Immediately following,  KCET presents an encore of SoCal Connected. The evening continues at 9:00 p.m. with BBC World News, which provides news coverage with a truly global perspective and insight into world events impacting on America and major US stories impacting on the world. Then Inside E Street, with Sheilah Kast, looks at the latest developments affecting economic security, health care and retirement. At 10:00 p.m., Inside Washington, with host Gordon Peterson, brings together the best and brightest journalists to analyze the week’s most notable news events. Next NHK Newsline provides updates on news from Japan and other Asian countries. The evening concludes with Scully/The World Show, featuring one-on-one interviews with the world’s most prominent and famous personalities – from Nobel laureates and heads of state to authors, royalty, financiers and athletes.
Mornings on KCET will continue to feature children’s programming, which includes two productions from The Jim Henson Company: Construction Site, airing in both English and Spanish, and The Wubulous World of Dr. Seuss. Also, the Peabody Award winning series’ for parents and caregivers A Place of Our Own and Los Niños en Su Casa will remain part of the station’s morning programming.  
Then KCET turns its attention to the adults in the household with an entertaining, informative daytime block focused on cuisine and travel, reflecting the diversity of Southern California from south of the border to the Pacific Rim. Viewers will engage with culinary superstars Lydia Bastianich, Jacques Pepin and Rick Bayless, who spice up palates and kitchens alike.  And they will travel in style with Smart Travels – Pacific Rim with Rudy Maxa V, Journeys in Japan, Travelscope and 13 Wonders of Spain.
In an interconnected world, KCET understands that diverse perspectives are critical to understanding events in Southern California as well as around the world and that global actions have local repercussions. KCET takes a global view for its nightly newscast, premiering NHK Newsline at 6:00 p.m., followed by the leader in international news programming, BBC World News at 6:30 p.m.
KCET celebrates the diversity of Southern California with Visiting With Huell Howser. Exclusively on KCET, the series takes viewers to the Southland’s many neighborhoods introducing the people who live there.
Featuring hard-hitting reports and investigations on what matters most to Southern California,
KCET’s Emmy and Peabody award-winning SoCal Connected fields the best news team in the region to cover stories of significance.
The new world of KCET also lives online with originally produced news, features and blogs, including the award winning Departures – which takes viewers into a world of Southern California they never thought they’d see.