KCET gets local with $50 million production partnership


As the nation’s largest (by far) independent public television station, KCET-TV Los Angeles is focusing on its home territory in a new programming partnership with Dominique Bigle, CEO of Eyetronics Media and Studios. The partnership is to  “produce and acquire original series that are thematically distinctive to Southern California.”

The venture is to be funded by Eyetronics Media and Studios, which intends to provide up to $50 million in necessary financing to cover original productions, acquisitions and distribution during the initial partnership term of five years. KCET will produce and broadcast these series.

Eyetronics will package and distribute the content domestically and internationally across all media platforms. KCET has public television distribution rights domestically and in Canada.
KCET plans to be in production with the first five series by the end of this year, with more productions in development.

“The new shows will celebrate the vibrancy of Southern California’s people, places, and culture, as well as its history. The initial slate includes programs that explore everything from the glitz of Hollywood entertainment and multi-cultural eateries to groundbreaking academic research and technological innovation.  The new venture’s programs will also utilize assets in Eyetronics’ “Classic Cool Library,  which includes more than 3,000 classic titles, rare footage, newsreels, cartoons, serials, documentaries, TV movies and series.

“I am impressed with KCET’s vision for being an independent public broadcaster, as well as its widely recognized tradition as a producer of distinguished television and online content.  KCET has the ability to function seamlessly as a producer, broadcaster and distributor in the nation’s second largest marketplace and will provide unique, distinctive content that I am confident will be well-received internationally, as well as in the United States. I am looking forward to tapping into our combined strengths to share the dynamism of the region to worldwide audiences,” said Bigle.