Jim Rome heading to CBS Sports Network


CBSThe successful sports TV personality has taken his game to CBS, where his new daily sports show, “Rome,” debuts on the CBS Sports Network 4/3.  Rome got his start in radio, and still has his syndicated show. But he rose to prominence on television, where a series of offerings on Fox and ESPN platforms — including his “Jim Rome is Burning.”

The new show will include elements from his older shows, including guests from the worlds of sports and entertainment. There will also be panel elements and “devices I’ve never used.”

“The show just feels leaner and meaner, a little slicker,” Rome said during an interview at the Final Four, where he’s contributing to CBS’ coverage. “We’re going to try to keep the show moving a little faster, do things that we haven’t done before.”

Rome will also be involved in coverage of special events, such as the Final Four and the NFL, along with a show on Showtime that is scheduled for the fall.

CBS spokesman Dan Sabreen told The AP the marketing push behind Rome, includes billboards from coast to coast.