Jerry Doyle files FOIA requests on Libya killings


Jerry DoyleTalk Radio Network Enterprises’ talker Jerry Doyle has teamed up with Judicial Watch to file a Freedom of Information Act Request with the Department of State to find out who is responsible for awarding a security contract to the woefully inadequate security force, “Blue Mountain Group” (the group tasked with protecting our personnel in Libya). The Jerry Doyle Show is the 3rd largest syndicated talk show in the country according to Talkers Magazine and is on over 350 stations.

Doyle decided to collaborate with Judicial Watch to file this requests saying, “Responsibility without accountability is unacceptable. Four Americans are dead.  Somebody, somewhere had something to do with decisions that were made that resulted in their murders & should be fired.  Donald Trump says ‘You’re Fired’ on Celebrity Apprentice, when someone is held responsible for not selling enough cupcakes.  This isn’t a reality show. It’s real life that cost the lives of four of our fellow Americans.”