Jeff Smulyan responds to "FM receivers in cell phones" issue


Emmis CEO Jeff Smulyan responded to RBR-TVBR’s recent story (Getting FM into cell phones may not come quickly): “I was surprised to see RBR’s take on an issue I’m passionate about – getting FM receivers in cell phones.  We had a series of upbeat, positive meetings at the NAB that run counter to the story you printed.

In Las Vegas, we met with Chairman Genachowski; Homik Dutta, Special Advisor to the Chairman; and Bill Lake, head of the Media Bureau. We discussed the desire to expedite discussions with the wireless industry and discussed various facets of our initiative. I would describe the meeting as extremely positive.

We also met with  Admiral Jamie Barnett, Chief of the Public Safety and Homeland Security Bureau of the FCC;  Lisa Fowlkes, Deputy Bureau Chief of Public Safety and Homeland Security; and Thomas Beers, Chief Policy Division, Public Safety and Homeland Security Division.  I would also characterize this meeting as extremely positive.

These meetings, coupled with the commitment of Congressman Markey, Congressman Pence and Congressman Walden to expedite this process is very, very encouraging.”