Jay Severin back on WTKK tomorrow


Talker Jay Severin will return from suspension on 6/2 after a month for comments he made about Mexican immigrants and the swine flu. He will likely make an apology for the remarks. Said a statement released from Greater Media:

“We have had conversations with Jay Severin over the past several weeks about his hurtful, inappropriate remarks.  He understands that we will not accept this type of commentary on our airwaves in the future.   Based on this understanding, we have agreed to conclude Jay’s suspension and he will return to the 96.9 FM WTKK airwaves on Tuesday, June 2, 2009.  We want to emphasize that WTKK still strongly supports an open and spirited debate about the many issues our community and our country currently face. There will no doubt be times when people disagree with what Jay says.  Our goal is to maintain a level of discourse that is compelling and thought-provoking, yet civil and respectful.  While we will not always succeed in walking this line, we will continually strive to do so.”