It's all Greek (and that's good) – 9/27/11


The Greek parliament approved a property tax measure required to win bailout funds from other European countries. The new evidence that Europe’s economic problems are being dealt with was music to the ears of Wall Street traders. The Dow Jones Industrial Average rose 147 points, or 1.3%, to 11,191. Broadcasting stocks also had a good day.

The RBR Radio Index was up 6.609, or 2.5%, to 271.353.

The TVBR Television Index was up 1.696, or 0.9%, to 197.008.



SBS, up 14%
Emmis, up 11.5%
Saga, up 7.7%

CC Media, down 14.6%
Westwood, down 6.6%
Sinclair, down 1.3%