Internet radio service offering political content


Democrat and RepublicaniNetRadio says it is “…free Internet radio mobile app that gives users what they want when they want it.” And now just like that it’s offering political news and commentary covering the full spectrum of opinion.

“Users will surely find what they want, whether they’re looking for the latest news about their candidate or an interactive program where they can speak their minds,” notes Thomas Giger, who heads up political content for iNetRadio. “There’s everything from comfort content to opinions that will set the net on fire.”

A new menu system assists users in finding the type of content they want, and when they want a break from political, they can switch over to their choice of “dozens of commercial-free music channels plus the latest news, weather, sports, and virtually any online information or entertainment talk program.”

The service is available for free over numerous digital platforms.

RBR-TVBR observation: There is only one way for broadcast radio to compete with upstarts on the internet. The internet platform allows the upstarts to offer a potentially unlimited range of content. Radio cannot possibly match that ability.

However, radio does not have to break through the global clutter that characterizes competition on the internet, and it has an ability to super serve its community, which is pretty much impossible for the average internet provider.

We keep saying it, but we don’t see any alternative for the future of broadcast radio other than continuing to own the local market. That is the lone and literally towering advantage that broadcast has over internet and mobile services.

Meanwhile, there is nothing to stop radio stations from competing on the internet and mobile space in addition to serving a community, and the local platform is a great way to market and monetize your internet presence.

So do both, but build it on a firm local foundation. End of sermon.