In response to Ken Dardis yesterday….


Howard F. Price, President Multi-Net Marketing, Inc., responds to Ken Dardis’ comments yesterday (1/21/09 RBR #14) about the Clear Channel layoffs this week:

Mr. Dardis, as a former Clear Channel employee, and now the president of an advertising firm, my question to you is, "WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT AND WHAT PLANET ARE YOU FROM?
Each and every day for weeks and probably months now, I’ve been reading, seeing and hearing about companies that have "Laid Off" 10%, 20%, and even 100% of their work force.  Not always radio, but every industry.  So why are you attempting to do a hatchet job on Clear Channel?  Is there some deep rooted hatred in you towards CC? Even at 1850 "Former Employees," it wasn’t as big an "Adjustment" as it could or probably should have been.  The business model has changed in broadcasting.
Where were your words when the RAB, "Laid Off." 10% of their work force.  No it wasn’t 1850 people, but where do those 5 people go?  Question two, where are the people for Salem, Cox, and other chains going who, as you like to call it get "FIRED?"
Not sure what kind of business you run, own, or participate with, but possibly you should enroll in a class in business "Human Resources" and learn.
Maybe you should sit in front of that device called a television and see the THOUSANDS who are daily escorted from their work places with boxes in hand and tears in their eyes wondering where they will be employed.
Clear Channel has been the whipping boy for just about everyone in every business for years.  Have they done everything right over the years?  Hell no!  Have the always been fair to their employees?  Hell no, I know that from past personal experiences.  But do you know what else they’ve done over the years?  They’ve hired people and paid them, many times over paid them.  Where was your vocabulary lesson when they inflated their payroll with extra employees.  I don’t remember seeing or hearing you expound on that.
I was their number 1 radio salesman for over 14 consecutive months and to their CREDIT, I wasn’t treated any differently than anyone else.  Well, maybe my name was on the Mays Trophy plaque outside LL’s door, but that was it.  In fact, when I was producing to much in comparison of others at our station, it was obvious, very obvious they would have to "Let Me Go, or Lay Me Off, or Escort Me From The Building, or yes FIRE ME?  That’s business 101.  And guess what, I held no grudge, no hatred, and didn’t spend my days insulting them in trade magazines.  Business is business.
Fact is, I learned plenty from Mr. Mays, Mr. Barger, Mr.Webb, Mr. Smith and others.  Because of the education from them, I went on to other stations and worked very successfully, and now have an equally successful advertising firm.  Where there periods of time when there was no paycheck because there were no openings?  You got that right.  There is nothing in the U.S. Bill of Rights saying I must have a job in broadcasting.  Haven’t seen an 11 amendment stating that Howard Price must be hired.  I’ve even searched the NAB code of ethics and couldn’t find a sentence there which would help me find another position at another radio or TV or cable company.
So why when the times get difficult, and believe me they are, why can’t any employer "Dismiss" who they want, ANYWAY they want? 
If you really want to see, hear, and read "VERBIAGE" try our elected officials, or the obvious bias CNN, CNBC, FOX, NY Times, Washington Post, and the list, as they say in radio, "The List Just Keeps on Coming."
How many times does the White House bury a story on a holiday weekend, or some other time when people aren’t paying attention to all the details? 
This response to your comment has run its course now, but I can say is, when you are "FIRED, or DISMISSED, or ESCORTED FROM THE BUILDING," I truly hope you have half the class the 1850 former Clear Channel brothers and sisters have shown during this period.  Why must you slam them with your harshness.  Being "Fired" is tough enough on the ego.  Sure all the words mean the same, but remember these are all PEOPLE and they all have feelings.  Is using softer language and not having it on page 1 really so bad or do you just want to pile on Clear Channel?
Howard F. Price, President Multi-Net Marketing, Inc.

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