iHeartRadio Goes Deeper With Curation


iHeart RadioiHeartRadio has debuted a new feature that further emphasizes curation.

“My Favorites Radio” enables the listener to create a personalized station that also mixes genres.

The broadcaster says the feature, driven by an algorithm, will become more personalized and “smarter” the more it’s used, especially keying into when and whether the user thumbs up, thumbs down or skips songs. Bonus tracks will be added.

And of course, the user can name the station and brand it.

“You’ve got varied tastes. You’re not alone — and iHeartRadio’s got your back,” says the company on its blog.

RBR+TVBR observation: iHeart is strategic in that it has a large, varied presence. The company decided a long time ago to place its programming on all available platforms and often, iHeart is a leader that other radio groups follow. That’s why executives would be smart to watch this latest development.


  1. What I see here is the beginning of the end. It’s iHeartmedia, not iHeartradio. When they sold of 90% or more of their towers, it told me they don’t really plan on radio staying around for the long run, and they’re going to be the first to go.

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