Howard Stern looking to leave SiriusXM


Howard SternThe King of All Media is counting down the days until he can retire from SiriusXM satellite radio. Stern took a big pay cut last year when he reduced his workload to just three live shows a week, and his shows, which used to run about five hours, were cut down to about three hours.

However, a reader tells us his shows are still anywhere from four to five hours a day–see below.

“That’s why he took the job as a judge on ‘America’s Got Talent,’” a source told “During the month of July, Stern was live on the satellite for just nine hours total. He’s fed up with Sirius, and has already decided he’ll be gone at the end of his contract.”

Stern has been suing SiriusXM over bonuses he claims he is due because of the increased number of subscribers in the merger of the two satellite radio providers. And Stern’s longtime friend, Mel Karmazin, is being pushed out as the SiriusXM CEO with the takeover of the company by Liberty Media’s John Malone.

“He’s 58. He’s got more money than he’ll ever be able to spend,” said their  source. “He doesn’t need radio.”

With his image revamped, courtesy of “AGT,” expect Stern to launch his own TV show.

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  1. Carl, Carl, Carl,

    I think you got Howard’s hours and days mixed up. His show used to be on five days a week (in his terrestrial radio days) and has gone from four down to three on Sirius. His Sirius shows are still anywhere from four to five hours a day. That’s a pretty big distinction you have to know before you write about Howard.

  2. My gosh…this is obv written by a person that never listens. With the obv stated, what a dumb article…he will never start his own TV show as any hardcore fan would tell you based on listening…and addition to that, my guess is he will be on radio for a long time in one place or another, he does enjoy talking and his show, even if he one day goes to one day a week..who knows..and yes the shows run untill 11…i count the wrap up show as the show, as its just as good.

    • With all that money Howard needs to just buy his own station in New York. Then that can be “All Howard, All the Time”. Then he can network it out. Tomorrow the world…infinity and beyond! Oh, wait. Howard already tried Infinity.

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