Herman Cain uses Rush Limbaugh to go national with message


Former conservative radio talk show host Herman Cain is going to hitch his wagon to the reigning king of conservative talk show hosts to pitch his 9-9-9 tax plan and to recruit volunteers for his campaign. Presidential candidate Cain will air ads on the Rush Limbaugh program.

A key state in the Cain strategy is Iowa, where he will be among a number of candidates hoping to establish their bona fides as the one to take on Mitt Romney, who is polling as the one with inside track on the other big early state on the primary schedule – New Hampshire.

According to reports, Limbaugh is on two of the biggest radio stations in Iowa, and of course is available ubiquitously coast to coast.

The Cain campaign believes it is important to get his message out to all voters regardless of location and regardless of their states’ position in the primary pecking order.

In addition to pitching the 9-9-9 plan, the candidate is hoping to pick up 1,500 volunteers to take on a precinct chairmanship as part of the effort to build a ground game as the primary season starts to heat up.

Meanwhile, Capitol Hill newser Politico looked at Cain’s career as Cox radio station WSB Atlanta. Originally recruited as a fill-in for Neal Boortz, he was found to be a “natural” and soon had his own Saturday program, and eventually, a five-night gig during the work week. His energy level was described as amazing, especially when he worked through chemotherapy treatment for Stage IV colon cancer.

He was described as a host who kept it simple and stayed clear of detailed statistics and analysis. TALKERS publisher Michael Harrison described him as a respectable and professional host, but not one in the upper echelon. Harrison noted that when he’s introduced, it’s as a pizza exec, not a radio talent.

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