Here's another observation on the PPM situation


In an earlier life, I had the responsibility over some very important transmitters. One was on a mountaintop, about 1,566 feet above the market, without a back-up. The next job was Chief Engineer in Chicago. I wore a pager as part of my job description. If something went wrong, I was told about it. Or so they thought. I wore that pager eight hours a day, inside the office where I worked, but it didn’t make it out on a date. It didn’t see much more than the top of my dresser at my apartment. The telephone worked nicely. Sometimes that batteries would wear down. So, when I saw the initial plans for PPM by Arbitron, I said to myself, "I hope they have someone picked with more seriousness than I had at 25!" Yet, these are the key demos everyone wants. To see the drop-off, over time, just shows that human nature is still in effect. And, I didn’t have to mention that shower radio, either!
Mark Heller, President and General Manager
WTRW Incorporated, WGBW Radio Station, Two Rivers WI