HD Radio Mod Monitors Ready For Market


FELTON, CALIF. — A company founded 49 years ago as a radio broadcast technology services provider that today specializes in RDS encoders, AM/FM modulation monitors and off-air monitoring equipment for AM / FM / HD / DAB+ / RDS / Internet Radio is bringing to market two new HD Radio modulation monitors.

Inovonics says the new 551 and 552 HD Radio Modulation Monitors are to be released in February. And, the company says the monitors incorporate the necessary features for station setup, regulatory compliance and remote monitoring.

The model 551, with its 7-inch TFT Touch Screen, displays all the essential modulation data in a graphic format on the front panel, as well as the remote Web interface. In addition, full-time audio outputs are available for FM and digital channels HD1- HD4. The model 552 is designed for remote installations where information is accessible via the graphic Web interface and is available at a more modest price point.

Inovonics President/CEO Ben Barber commented, “When we look back over the past two years of development, we have made great strides in designing a complete and comprehensive FM/HD Radio Mod Monitor. With the dynamic web interface that can be remotely accessed from any smart phone, tablet, or PC, and its SNMP capabilities, these two products take innovation to a new level.”

For more information about price and availability, please contact Inovonics Sales Department via e-mail at [email protected] || Tel: (+1) 831-458-0552