Has Economics Come Back From The Dead At The FCC?


FCC Chairman Ajit Pai placed a stake in the ground on Wednesday (4/5), committing himself to fix the lack of economics at the agency. Speaking at the Hudson Institute, Pai announced that he is forming the Office of Economics and Data (OED) at the FCC. In the eyes of Mark Jamison, this is a good first step.

Jamison is a visiting Fellow with the American Enterprise Institute’s Center for Internet, Communication, and Technology who serves as Director and Gunter Professor of the Public Utility Research Center at the University of Florida. He served as a part of a trio of AEI scholars who have been selected by Trump to oversee the FCC’s transition from former Chairman Tom Wheeler to new Chairman Ajit Pai.

He writes, “The chairman’s initiative is a refreshing and welcome change. I am confident that economic works will improve and perhaps even thrive while he is chairman. But, what we need is a change that makes it nearly impossible for the agency to return to the situation of the past few years.”

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