Hannah Montana sets retirement


In case you haven’t noticed, Miley Cyrus is no longer a “tween” – in fact, she’ll just miss being old enough to vote in the next election. So it’s hardly surprising that Disney Channel is preparing to wrap up “Hannah Montana” after shooting one more season.

Cyrus, now 17, begins shooting season four next week. Her character, Miley/Hannah, is an ordinary teenager, except when she puts on a blond wig to become a famous pop star. The real Cyrus has no problem with being quite public about her pop star status and she is also intent on advancing her acting career. Her feature length film, “The Last Song,” is due out in April.

The finale of the current season, “Is Miley Saying Goodbye?” due out in March, has been tantalizing fans, but that’s really based on the story line about whether to continue her secret pop star identity.

The statement from Disney Channel programming boss Adam Bonnett said episodes of season four of Hannah Montana will continue to roll out over at least a full year, so Miley/Hannah will be around for her tween fans at least through most of 2011. And Bonnett was careful to leave the door open for a change of plans and a fifth season. “You never know in this business,” he noted.