Half-cocked Canadian contest careens out of control


At stake: $10K from CKQK-FM, known in the Canadian province of Prince Edward Island as K Rock 10. It actually broadcasts on 105.5, and the mission listeners were sent on to collect the $10K was to locate the station’s “missing” 5.5. Unfortunately, this proved to be disruptive to a local business.

According to a CBC.com report, clues offered to listeners as to the whereabouts of their quarry were “half price,” “steaks” and “bridge.” There just happens to be a business, located near a bridge, called Half Price Steaks.

The only problem was the fact that the business wasn’t participating in the contest and the item wasn’t hidden there. That did not stop K Rock fans from descending on the store and dismantling it over and over again in a futile search for the missing 5.5.

CKQK ran on-air announcements to redress the situation.