Gray’s Virtual Promotion Party! Twenty-Six Staffers Get New Titles


As of May 1, no less than 26 Gray Television staffers will have new roles.

It’s all thanks to a number of internal promotions made by the company on Tuesday.

And, CEO Hilton Howell Jr. explained, the mass elevations were needed in response to the growth seen at Gray in recent years.

“It is now time for Gray to improve its management structure to better reflect the company that we have become and better enable our stations and businesses to serve their viewers and customers,” Howell said.

Now with SVP titles are the following individuals:

  • Karen Youger, SVP/Sales Operations
  • Jay Cowart, SVP/Chief Accounting Officer
  • Sabra Cowart, SVP/Financial Reporting
  • Vance Luke, SVP/Controller
  • Rob Folliard, SVP/Government Relations and Distribution
  • Jan Goldstein, SVP/Human Resources
  • Ellenann Yelverton, SVP/Deputy General Counsel

Now in VP roles, divided between Operations and Administration, are the following individuals:

  • Ryan Burlison, VP/Sales Training and Development
  • Glen Hale, VP/Digital Content & Audience Development
  • Brandon Omohundro, VP/Digital Operations
  • Erin Overstreet, VP/Digital Sales
  • Garrett Pope, VP/Traffic and Sales Systems
  • John Alexander, VP/Assistant General Counsel
  • Robin Collins, VP/Tax
  • Brittany Cook, VP/Internal Reporting
  • Andre Holmes, VP/Financial Analysis
  • James Jefferies, VP/IT Operations
  • Brian Morris, VP/Chief Information Security Officer
  • Angela Moyle, VP/Shared Services
  • Mike Zima, VP/External Reporting

Lastly, administrative professionals named as Corporate Officers are as follows:

  • Claire Ferguson, Asst. Secretary, Assistant General Counsel
  • Maurice Gibson, Asst. Vice President, Employee Relations
  • Keith Hildibrand, Asst. Vice President, Benefits
  • Doris Jones, Asst. Vice President, Shared Services
  • Will Joslin, Asst. Secretary, Assistant General Counsel
  • Lindzy McQueen, Asst. Secretary, Assistant General Counsel

Gray President & Co-CEO Pat LaPlatney said, “We believe that the current public health emergency is no reason to delay recognizing key talent or to delay improving our internal management structure.”