Gray Television's Jim Ocon honored at NAB


The VP/Technology was honored 4/11 as one of the recipients of 2011 Technology Leadership Awards, which pay tribute to individuals who have displayed innovation, imagination and achievement in television technology.

In just three years with Gray, Jim Ocon has created a new operations workflow as a complement to Gray’s HD development. By using the latest in technology, Ocon’s design has enhanced efficiencies and improved quality control to Gray’s digital infrastructure. He’s also been instrumental in mobile TV, positioning Gray as a leader in deploying wireless “hot spot” news vehicles and IP newsrooms with state-of-the-art digital studios.

During the awards reception at the Las Vegas Hilton, Ocon said, “I know of no other company that makes decisions and tries new technology at the speed in which we accomplish at Gray Television. Our President & COO, Bob Prather, believes in cutting corporate bureaucracy and encourages an environment that stimulates innovation.”

“Jim Ocon has completely redesigned how we get content to air. He has taken advantage of the latest technology, creating a workflow unique to Gray which is very impressive. Combining the Master Control and Production Control areas as a Media Control Center complements a quick-to-air path. We are very proud to have Jim on our team,” Prather added.

Ocon began his career in the Navy and specializing in Weapons Control and later worked on the West Coast for several broadcast companies.