Google adds congressional ad app


Advertisers have had the ability to target internet users by zip code for some time, and while that can be helpful to political advertisers, congressional districts do not necessarily correspond to zip code geographical boundaries.

That problem now has a work-around. Google AdWords now provides the ability to target not by zip code but by congressional district – each and every one of the 435 is available.

Google is selling the efficiency of the service – unlike other forms of advertising with reach extending beyond political boundaries, Google’s service is guaranteed to provide a 100% in-district target population.

According to Hillicon Valley, the National Republican Campaign Committee has already used to service to go after Democratic opponents, including Nick Rahall (D-WV), John Garamendi (CA), Mike Michaud (ME) and Betty Sutton (OH).

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee has made even more extensive use of the service, using it to target 23 Republican opponents.