Glenn Beck gets Scott Walker to “Dish”


Democrat and RepublicanGlenn Beck said Republican presidential candidate Scott Walker “made news” on his radio program Monday by acknowledging that Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) is “part of the problem” in Washington.

Beck said Walker could’ve been “weasely” and tiptoed around the issue, but he had a clear answer when Beck asked: “Will you go so far as saying that there are people in the GOP that are part of the establishment, like Mitch McConnell, that are part of the problem?”

“Yes. I hear it all the time and I share that sentiment,” the Wisconsin governor said. “We were told if Republicans got the majority in the United States Senate, there would be a bill on the president’s desk to repeal Obamacare. It is August. Where is that bill? Where was that vote?”

“The American people were also told that Congress would act to prevent illegal immigration,” Walker said, but claimed it was actually governors like himself who prevented President Obama’s policy deferring the deportation of millions of illegal immigrants.

“It’s not because the Congress, a Republican-led Congress, did anything to stop him from doing that,” Walker said. “This is where the frustration is. This is why non-elected candidates are surging in the polls.”