GatesAir Ships World’s Highest Power Solid-State Transmitter


Gates-AirGatesAir has delivered the world’s highest-power digital TV solid-state transmitter to a major market TV station in the U.S., replacing an older, less-efficient tube transmitter with escalating costs.  Engineered to produce a powerful 80kW ATSC output, the GatesAir Maxiva™ ULXT transmitter reduces the footprint, monthly power and maintenance costs associated with tube transmitters of this scale, without the common hefty upfront price tag of very high-power solid-state transmitters.

“Solid-state transmitters offer superior reliability, however have long been considered cost-prohibitive when exceeding 20kW of power,” said Rich Redmond, chief product officer, GatesAir. “We’re shattering that paradigm with new compact high-efficiency designs, software-defined modulation, and integrated IP-based transport, monitoring and control to deliver cost-effective over-the-air solutions for very high power applications. These transmitters double down on the upfront cost-efficiency by ensuring low total cost of ownership and environmentally friendly green operation over the course of the operating lifecycle.”