Full Court Press for OTT Service


television-OTASelect TV is going to make itself available in all 210 DMAs as it hopes to ride the cord-cutting trend to success. Instead of cable channels, it offers a library of programs and an HD antenna to help pull local broadcast stations off the air and into subscriber living rooms.

The Internet and the presence of broadcast over the air drive the company’s content delivery. It’s an offering from FreeCast Inc.

It service is subscription-based, and starts at $2.99 per month.

William Mobley, CEO of FreeCast, explained the service. “You can plug in a simple $20 HDTV antenna into our Select TV box, and depending on where you live, get 10 to 35+ TV channels absolutely free. Popular channels: CBS, FOX, NBC, ABC, the CW, Univision, and more. But if you’ve got cable or satellite, they charge you $30 or more a month for these local channels alone, and by the time you add the cable channels, you’re over $100 a month! That just doesn’t make a lot of sense when cost is the number one factor driving consumers to cut their TV subscriptions entirely. Select TV makes sure those great local stations aren’t a hassle for consumers to get to, by putting them alongside a vast library of online content comparable to what you’d get with cable TV, at a fraction of the price.”

Programming includes free and premium TV episodes, movies, radio stations, live events, and streaming channels, and the service also offers standard internet capabilities and a DVR function, among other things.