Fox Sunday down vs. sports competition


FOXNOTE: Due to the nature of live sports, Fast Nationals for FOX (from 7-7:30pm), CBS and NBC are approximate.  Network prime was interrupted in the 8:30-9pm time period by President Obama’s speech from Newtown, CT.

On FOX, BOB’s BURGERS aired from 8:30-8:33pm, President Obama’s speech aired from 8:33-8:56pm, BOB’S BURGERS resumed from 8:56-9:23pm, FAMILY GUY (R) aired from 9:23-9:53pm and AMERICAN DAD (R) aired from 9:53-10:23pm.

·         NFL / CLEVELAND (RS): 1.3/4

·         CLEVELAND: 1.4/4, down -13% from two weeks ago (12/2/12, 1.6/4)

·         THE SIMPSONS: 1.9/5, down -44% from last week’s telecast with an NFL lead-in (12/9/12, 3.4/9)

·         PRES OBAMA: NEWTOWN / BOB’S BURGERS (S / O): 1.2/3

·         BOB’S BURGERS / FAMILY GUY (O / R): 1.6/4

·         FAMILY GUY / AMERICAN DAD (R / R): 1.6/4

·         AMERICAN DAD (R): 1.5/4


ABC aired a repeat America’s Funniest Home Videos at 7pm (1.4/4), followed by a combination of a repeat Wipeout and coverage of the President’s Address from Newtown, CT from 8-9pm (1.2/3). Special The Bachelorette: Ashley & J.P.’s Wedding posted a 0.9/2 from 9-11pm.

Following an NFL Overrun from 7-8pm (8.5/23), CBS’ combination of 60 Minutes and the President’s Address from Newtown, CT delivered a 4.6/11. From 9-11pm, the season finale of Survivor: Philippines (3.2/8) became the franchise’s lowest rated fall finale ever and second-lowest finale ever overall, down -20% from last year’s finale of Survivor: South Pacific (4.0/10 on Sun 12/18/11).

Due to the nature of live sports, Fast Nationals for NBC are approximate. In addition, note that NBC’s 7pm NFL Pre-Game will be sustained by Nielsen. Following Football Night In America at 7pm (2.6/7), 7:30pm (3.2/8) and 8pm (5.7/14), NBC’s Sunday Night Football Game 15: San Francisco 49ers vs. New England Patriots posted a 7.6/18 from 8:30-11:00pm, up +10% from last week’s Sunday Night Football Game 14 (DET Lions vs. GB Packers), which delivered a 6.9/17 from 8:30-11pm in the Fast Nationals before rising to a 7.8/19 from 8:31-11:28pm in the Finals.