FM Audio Processing Software Gets NAB Honor


The Cleveland-headquartered broadcast audio technology company founded by legendary ex-Malrite Communications engineer Frank Foti has earned a 2024 NAB Show Product of the Year award in the Radio category.

The association honored Telos Alliance for a brand of audio processing software.

Nabbing the honors this year is the new Omnia Forza FM audio processing software.

Product Of The Year awards are given to products representing the most cutting-edge advancements and technologies shaping the future of content creation, distribution, and monetization, as judged by a panel of industry peers.

“Audio processing is an incredibly important part of every radio station’s airchain, a fact we did not take lightly when creating a brand-new virtual audio processing program for FM,” says Foti, Executive Chairman of the Board of Telos Alliance and founder of Omnia Audio. “We were delighted by the huge amount of attention NAB attendees gave to Forza FM; winning the NAB’s Product Of The Year Award as well underscores how excited broadcasters are about audio processing tools that enable them to really achieve their sonic goals.”

The newest addition to the growing line of Omnia Forza audio processing software, Omnia Forza FM is a software processor for FM and HD-1 airchains. Forza FM includes new AGCs and wideband and multiband processing stages optimized to meet the unique demands of FM radio. It features the same Foti-designed “Silvio” clipper used in the popular Omnia.11 product and includes simultaneous processing for HD-1 channels, with a built-in diversity delay. Its integrated FM stereo generator will feed both µMPX and linear MPX over IP outputs.

Like its sibling for streaming audio — Omnia Forza HDS — Forza FM gives broadcast engineers a single-page HTML5 user interface that can be accessed from computers, tablets, or even smartphones. It uses “smart controls” to modify multiple parameters with a single adjustment, ensuring that even novice users can easily deliver stellar on-air sound to their listeners – while still providing the individual controls that processing pros expect for audio fine-tuning.


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