Five ChatGPT Prompts to Become a Better Speaker


When writer’s block takes hold, a little ChatGPT can work wonders, says public speaking coach and veteran public relations professional Rosemary Ravinal.

  • Do you need an outline for your presentation?
  • Do you want to introduce fresh vocabulary to add pizzaz to your speech?
  • Do you need to tailor your signature talk for a different audience?
  • Do you want to anticipate and practice answers to questions your audience may ask?

Let ChatGPT come to the rescue, she says in this column. But, don’t think for a minute AI can replace a public speaking coach.


By Rosemary Ravinal

As resistant as I have been to dependence on AI in my day-to-day to write speeches, presentations, and prep executives for panels, I have made peace with the virtues of ChatGPT and consider it an ally. You can, too, so long it is used as a complement to working with a human being.

How can you use ChatGPT to enhance your business communication?

Here are five suggestions:

1. Overcome writer’s block

When you are stuck finding the right starting point for a speech, for example, do not let the blank page be a roadblock. Once you establish who your audience is, what they need to hear from you, and why you are the right person to deliver the talk, let ChatGPT get the ideas rolling. AI can help brainstorm your topic, provide a framework, and suggest content. Then you can expand these with key points, stories, and data supports in a logical flow and with a coherent message. For example:

Prompt: I need to prepare a speech on our company’s new sustainability initiatives.

ChatGPT: (Provides an outline) Start with an introduction about the importance of sustainability, followed by specific initiatives, and their expected impact, and conclude with a call to action for stakeholders to support these efforts.

2. Adapt to different audiences

Let us say your boss asks you to speak on behalf of your company at a community event but the text of the script was written for a high-tech audience and lacks warmth and relevance. Yes, ChatGPT can wordsmith it to align with your audience’s expectations and interests if you type in the right prompts. ChatGPT can simplify the language and flag corporate jargon and technical references. By reviewing drafts through the lens of the audience, the tool can identify complex phrases and suggest simpler alternatives, making the message more accessible and understandable to different audiences.

3. Make it shorter and sharper

ChatGPT can help you practice brevity. It can provide summaries, and key takeaways, and enable you to focus on the most consequential parts of your message. This is particularly useful for time-sensitive presentations where every word and minute count. ChatGPT can also create feedback on tone, pacing, and emphasis. By analyzing your text, the AI can suggest areas where you might cut for redundancy or highlight points to advance your ideas effectively. It can also recommend shorter sentences with places to pause, breathe, and inject vocal variety.

4. Edit and proofread your work

While it cannot listen to audio directly, you can cut and paste or attach your text to the tool. ChatGPT can then analyze your work for elements such as grammar, word choice, sentence length, and overall readability. It can modify and rephrase your sentences and offer suggestions to make the speech easier to follow while maintaining your intended message strategy. You can check for inclusiveness and sensitive language. Refining your content this way is efficient whether you are preparing for a major keynote address or a small team presentation.

5. Anticipate audience questions

If you are on an industry panel, you can expect to receive questions from the moderator and attendees. ChatGPT can simulate this interaction by crafting potential questions based on the content of your presentation. You can then prepare and practice your responses and be ready to answer hardball questions with poise and confidence. For example, if you are preparing a speech about a new technological innovation, ChatGPT can produce questions that a tech-savvy audience might ask, such as details about the technology’s functionality, potential applications, and competitive advantages.

Public speaking is the foundation of leadership. Every word counts. Used wisely, ChatGPT can accelerate learning and improvement in concert with professional speech coaching. The model’s ability to output human-like text can help you create compelling content that achieves your communication objectives. What it cannot do is practice for you. Nor can it feel the fear and anxiety of speaking in front of an audience. That is where the technology becomes a mere tool to enhance your ability to communicate your ideas with impact.

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