A Full Day On The Hill For FCC Three


FCC Chairman Ajit Pai, Republican Commissioner Michael O’Riellyand Democratic Commissioner Mignon Clyburn will have a full day on Capitol Hill on Wednesday, March 8.

On Thursday, the Senate Commerce Committee announced that the trio will be appearing at a hearing set for Wednesday, March 8 at 10 a.m. called, appropriately, “Oversight of the Federal Communications Commission.”

On Friday, the House Energy & Commerce Committee revealed that it also wants Chairman Pai and the two Commissioners to swing by for a hearing.

marsha-blackburnCommunications and Technology Subcommittee Chairman Marsha Blackburn (R-Tenn.) on Friday announced that the subcommittee will also hold a hearing on March 8, examining the FCC’s reauthorization, budget, spectrum auctions, and proceedings.

“I’m looking forward to having new FCC Chairman Pai and commissioners O’Reilly and Clyburn testify before the subcommittee,” said Chairman Blackburn. “It will provide our members the opportunity to learn more about the final stages of the broadcast incentive auction, Chairman Pai’s agenda, and FCC reauthorization.”